The Purpose Of CrossFit

As human beings we grow in our abilities every day, it is the nature of our kind, and through that growth is how we accomplish greater tasks. CrossFit is the way to grow yourself into the best possible version you can be. CrossFit starts with the basic movements you will build upon and stresses that those foundations must be mastered before you can begin to scale up. The whole program is centered around you, the athlete, and aims to make sure that you are excelling in every facet of your fitness. The only way you will achieve and even surpass your goals is to have a multi-modal approach which is emphasized through the Facet Seven program. Facet Seven helps to engage all aspects of a fitness regimen that are integral to fitness success - Flexibility, Agility, Core, Endurance, Toning, and Strength.

By combining these two elite programs, we are creating a never before seen multi-dimensional approach to becoming your highest functioning self. F7 CrossFit is a program whose focus is achieving greatness. Whatever level you are at and wherever you want to go, F7 CrossFit can take you there. You will work hard and trust your body. You will push past the limits that you may have set for yourself. You will learn how to move effectively and be consistent.

Will Black, a level 2 certified CrossFit Instructor, is the newest addition to the Studio Fitness team and is joining us as the coach for F7 CrossFit. He is enthusiastic about getting people to their goals and has a ton of experience coaching athletes in various sports.

CrossFit treats you like you are an athlete no matter what level you begin at and it is important to have instructors who understand how the body works so you don’t get injured. Black is just the guy to facilitate your growth. He started his coaching career in strength training with pro athletes in football, basketball, and baseball. Later, he went on to coach at the University of Texas before transitioning into general fitness coaching. He is looking forward to helping each and every person in the F7 CrossFit program. He hopes to get you to your peak height of performance.

Integrating a program like Facet Seven that takes a well-rounded approach to overall health and fitness and a hardcore training program like CrossFit can help you achieve amazing things. Your dreams can be realized if you stick with us!