Class Descriptions

Our group fitness classes are your ticket to achieving Complete Fitness. Each class incorporates 1-3 of the FACETS, enabling you to create a balanced workout and achieve your fitness goals.

FACETS is an acronym for a six-level program consisting of Flexibility (F), Agility (A), Core (C), Endurance (E), Toning (T) and Strength (S).

Learn about the classes we offer below, then sign up on our mobile app or on our Heights Class Schedule or EaDo Class Schedule pages to plan your weekly workout!

ABC (C, T)
Arms, Booty, Core (ABC) is a toning class for all three areas. Using free-weights and various props, you'll strengthen and lengthen your mid-body muscles through a variety of exercises and challenge your core, reinforcing balance, stabilization and flexibility.

Barre (C, T)
Barre is a unique, fun, high energy class. It fuses legendary fitness techniques from Pilates, ballet, and dance/calisthenics. These techniques are designed to streamline, firm, tighten and tone muscles and re-align the body without adding bulk. This helps to create balance, posture, body awareness, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. The structure of the Barre class keeps the heart rate elevated with motivating, up-beat music and brisk, dynamic, low-impact movements. All the while burning calories and fat and simultaneously building lean muscle mass. The techniques learned in this class helps to increase your resting metabolism, which allows you to burn more calories and fat while you are at rest.

Body Camp (E, T)
All the sweat and intensity of bootcamp, but since it's only 30 minutes, it's easy for busy people to get a fun and functional, high-impact, full-body workout. Great for all fitness levels.

Bootcamp (E, S)
Full body workouts combining strength, cardio and agility. High intensity and high calorie burn in a climate controlled indoor environment.

Cardio Strength Training-(CST-X) (S, T)
Cardio, strength, training, xtreme! Combines high intensity aerobic and anaerobic exercises to torch fat, build lean muscle, and get strong quickly.

Cycle GX: Traditional Ride (E, T)
One of the toughest cardio workouts you can endure. Our bikes include monitors to track your speed, cadence and (with optional chest strap) heart rate, and calories. Cycling shoes are recommended, but not required. Bikes have SPD pedals.

Cycle GX: Rhythm Ride (E, T)
Feel the beat and move your feet! Indoor cycling does not have to be boring! Get ready to tap it back and push it down in this high energy class. Designed to engage your entire body, rhythm ride is sure to blast fat, burn calories, and help you to achieve increased cardiovascular strength and endurance in just 45 minutes. This class is fueled by pulse-pounding music to help charge your workout. Leave class feeling strong, invigorated, and empowered. Get ready ride the rhythm! Cycling shoes are recommended, but not required. Bikes have SPD pedals.

CycleSIX (A, E)
Spin interval crosstraining. Six minutes of group cycling alternating with six minutes of cross training various body parts for an intense full-body workout.

Facet Seven Method (A, C, E, S)
The Facet Seven Method class takes the best training models in the fitness industry and combines it into an easy-to-follow, 1-hour program combining Strength, Interval Training, and Yoga. With an emphasis on injury free progress, we tailor the program to match you where you're at on your journey. Each class is designed to build throughout the year for those that are committed, while still providing such a well rounded program that even a quick drop in can provide great benefits. Check us out next to the turf at Studio Fitness.

F7 CrossFit (A, S)
F7 CrossFit is CrossFit redefined.

Functional Movement for Older Adults: Master Class* (A, C, S)
FMOA is a small group personal training program for older adults focusing on flexibility, mobility and exercise modifications for limitations.

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods.

Mat Pilates (C, T)
Traditional Pilates mat work focuses on the core, or the center of the body, and includes a series of exercises to strengthen the inner and outer thighs, back, hamstrings, and gluteals. This practice builds long and lean muscles by lengthening and contracting the muscles.

Pilates Fusion (C, T)
A combination of Pilates, yoga and foundational movements and exercises for a full body toning experience.

Power Flow Yoga (F, C)
This yoga class combines a series of poses that flow from one to another linked by your breath (vinyasa). This is a vigorous workout that gets your body moving, blood pumping, sweat pouring, and stress releasing. This is typically a mixed-level class, so modifications will be shown. Some Yoga experience helpful. This class also features some hands-on assists so the students can better align their bodies and feel what the poses present in their bodies. Get ready for a physical workout followed by a restful savasana.

Strike-Fit Kickboxing (A, E)
Learn proper striking techniques and combinations in this class that is both a rigorous workout and a lesson in self-defense.

StrongWoman: Master Class* (C, S)
StrongWoman is a small group training program that focuses on high intensity strength training through power and endurance movements. Sandbag loads, deadlifts, arm over arm sled pull, and tire flips are just a few of the exercises you can expect to perform. This small group is for women who have basic lifting experience. (Bootcamp, HIIT, CrossFit, etc...) Spots are limited! Contact the group trainer for more details.

TRX Suspension Training: Master Class* (A, C)
TRX training is gravity-based exercises using suspension straps and your body weight. This small group training is designed for all people of any skill level.

Woman's Sculpt: Master Class* (E, T)
Sculpt is a small group personal training program that focuses on full body toning and sculpting for athletic women of all ages and skill level.

Strength for Life (C, S)
Getting STRONGER, leaner, and healthier through various strength training modalities, condensed into 30 minutes of action for your health and fitness goals. The class begins a warm up that will get your heart rate up, then moves into a circuit focused on resistance training. The class concludes with core work. Come get stronger in this 30-minute, extremely beneficial class!

Yoga For Strength and Balance (F, C, S)
Combining Ashtanga, Forrest and Iyengar styles, this class focuses on adherence to alignment, breathing and being present. Students of all levels are welcome and should expect a lighthearted but physically challenging experience.

Zen Yoga (F)
This late-evening yoga class is a complete experience with low lighting, essential oils, a combination of warming, light and restorative poses linked with the breath (vinyasa), and an extended final resting pose (savasana) to set you up for the perfect night's sleep. This meditative practice nurtures a balance between body and mind. This class also features hands-on assists for deeper relaxation into the poses (asanas) and is for all levels with modifications to accommodate each student.

*=additional costs may apply