Personal Training

Anyone can count your reps or tell you to squat lower.

Our trainers do more.

More than one way to sweat

From one on one, individualized sessions to small group formats, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’ve worked with a trainer before and are looking to get back into an effective program or you’re brand new to the experience and want to learn proper form along with all the basics, let us show you the difference a true fitness professional can make.

1:1 Training

Starting at $70/hr

The most personal, impacting, and high quality exercise experiences occur during one on one sessions. From your initial consultation and movement assessment to the moment you finally crush that goal you thought was impossible, the individual attention received during your training is unmatched in any other exercise setting.

DUO Training

Starting at $40/hr

With nearly all of the same features and personalized attention of one on one training but at a discounted rate and enjoyed with a friend, duo training is a steal. Scalable and easily modified workouts mean your exercise partner can be on your fitness level or 10 floors above.

Small Group

Starting at $35/hr

Small Group Training combines the individual attention, care, and form correction of 1:1 sessions with the dynamic and energetic atmosphere only found in a group setting. With workouts accommodating 3-8 people per class, you’re never left to endure the WOD alone.

Our training method

Facet Seven was developed with the intention of creating sustained vitality through the application of movement and nutrition.

Regarding movement, we love the FMS doctrine, “Move well. Move often.” What exactly does it mean to move well? We agree with Kelly Starrett of MobilityWod that there are specific positions and anatomical shapes that the body should be able to get into free of injury and without a major strain. Moving well means you have the movement freedom to:


By combining an initial FMS mobility screen with the goal of achieving the seven movement archetypes listed above, we are able to develop specific, completely unique programs for any ability level while still working towards the shared objective to move well.

We believe that Facet Seven will be the most effective “exercise” program you’ve ever experienced.

MEET THE Director

After years of notable success in the fitness industry working for both himself as an independent trainer and for us here at Studio Fitness, Alex Guajardo has taken on the role of our Personal Training Director and serves as our full time client consultant and program expert.

As PT Director, Alex doesn’t train anymore but is your goto point of contact for all questions and information related to personal training. Whether you’re looking to get set up with a trainer that best suits your goals and personality or are simply looking for a form check, he’ll put you on the right path. With over a decade of professional exercise experience, Alex will set you up for success.

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Our lineup of talented trainers and coaches is looking forward to working with you! See someone you want to work with? Shoot us a message through the SCHEDULE CONSULTATION button and our personal training director Alex Guajardo will get you set up to start training!

Independent Trainers

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  • Mandy


  • Brady


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  • Mayra


  • D’Ondra


  • Stephanie


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If you look up passionate in the dictionary you’ll find a picture of Brittany Chestnut. From a young age Brittany has strived to be the best in everything she does. She has a background in Softball, Swimming, Crossfit, Weightlifting, and Running. In 2014 she finished 7th at the Northwest Crossfit regional after only being in the sport for less than a year. While training for the 2015 open she was blessed with the most amazing little boy a mommy could ask for. After his birth in May of 2015 she started training for the 2016 season and also started intense weightlifting training. In 2016 she once again finished 7th at a now more competitive regional. Just a week prior she finished 9th in the country as a 58kg weightlifter. She decided to go team for 2017. After finishing 6th this year she decided to restructure her life and dive into what she is really passionate about, training and helping others reach their fitness goals and improve their lives. Brittany is NASM, USAW, and Crossfit L1 certified and also has a B.S. in Exercise Science and Human Performance. She incorporates all aspects of her training, schooling and experience while working with a broad range of clients.



Whether it’s working with weekend warriors or competitive athletes, Monica’s goal is to have you moving your best so that you can excel at the activities that make you happy. Monica joined the Studio Fitness training team in 2013 after completing the National Academy Sports Medicine (NASM) Certification. Since then her focus on quality movement has earned her certifications in MovNat and Functional Movement Systems. Before becoming a personal trainer, Monica spent the majority of her life as a multi-sport athlete. In 2007, Monica reconnected with her first true passion: martial arts. She went on to compete and dominate in national nogi grappling tournaments. In 2011 she was offered the opportunity to compete for the first female MMA title under one of the top promotions in the country, Legacy Fighting Championship, which she accepted and won. Monica continues to pursue her education by attending various seminars and workshops in order to help you attain all of your current and future goals.



Eric has been NASM certified since 2014. Eric's passion for fitness has been life long. From being involved in sports and athletics from a young age to becoming a full time Red Cross certified lifeguard. He became a personal trainer because of his life long goal and journey to not only keep his body in peak physical condition but to spread the word of fitness and utilize his passion and knowledge to assist others in their pursuit of wellness and sustainable fitness routines. Eric loves working with athletes and specializes in speed, agility, quickness in addition to balance and core strengthening.



Forest became interested in the fitness industry as a result of his own experience as a client. In early 2003, he was diagnosed and successfully treated for colon cancer. He has been in full remission since late 2003, but as a result of his treatment, he became very obese, increasing from 180 to 216 pounds in 6 months. In 2007, he finally decided to see a personal fitness instructor and, after 14 months he had substantially improved. After getting serious about eating a healthy diet along with his exercise routine he began seeing results he had never experienced before. So, with the encouragement of his trainer, he entered in the over age 60 (“masters”) category of the Louisiana Bodybuilding competition, held each year in Lafayette. Except for himself, the over age 60 field was composed of very experienced bodybuilding competitors, all of whom had competed successfully as younger men. He placed second in the 2009 competition and in 2010, he competed again for the Louisiana over age 60 title, this time winning first place. Forest has given up competition for his real passion, which is training on general fitness for working people and retirees. Before working here, he enjoyed working with older clients ranging in age from 40 to late 70’s in Metairie, La. He is most empathetic with clients who are interested in improving their general fitness, physical endurance and functional strength, especially core strength from which all fitness ultimately stems. He is particularly adept at dealing with clients who have specific physical limitations and he designs training routines specifically tailored to those clients’ needs. Forest’s approach has been to emulate his own early experience as a personal fitness client, starting with gradual progression in exercise intensity to assist his clients to achieve their specific fitness goals. He monitors his clients’ metrics by periodically documenting progress in functional strength, agility and endurance as well as by measuring weight control, lean body mass and body measurements. Forest believes that your later life is not the end, it can be the beginning.



Matthew has been an ACE Certified personal trainer since 2017. Whether you’re training for a sport, a Tough Mudder, or you just want to lose a few pounds, Matthew will be able to help. Matthew has spent his entire life as an athlete and he wants to spread his passion for fitness to as many people as possible. His goal is to make training as fun and informative as possible while achieving the client’s desired results. Matthew incorporates functional weight training and places an emphasis on developing good movement patterns, core strength, mobility and flexibility. If you want to put on muscle, tone up, or get stronger and faster, Matthew will get you where you need to be.



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A former mechanical engineer who made a career leap into the fitness industry, Julie attended and received her diploma at the National Personal Training Institute. Her experience in the fitness industry started immediately after completion of her courses and has grown to include bodybuilding prep, tennis, MMA training and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Her love in health and fitness is only matched by her undeniable love for food. If she's not training, she's exploring or diving into good eats and recreating healthier more beneficial ways to do so. She believes in fitness and health and believes in enjoying every step of the way for not only a healthier lifestyle, but a happier and more fulfilling one all together.



Sarah was born and raised in Austin, TX and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008 with a B.S. in Kinesiology with an Emphasis on Teaching. She is also
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer. Sarah holds four Texas teaching certificates: Physical Education K-12, Health K-12, English as a Second Language K-12, and Classroom Generalist K-6. Sarah taught elementary P.E. in Austin for 4 years where she was voted “Teacher of the Year’ at her campus by the staff as well as “Austin’s Fittest P.E. Teacher’ by public vote in Austin Fit Magazine. Sarah was also featured in front page of the Lifestyle section of the Austin American Statesman about coaching the next generation of runners. She moved to Houston 3 years ago and taught Middle School P.E. Sarah has coached running clubs at the elementary level, been the head coach of a middle school track and cross country team, and coached marathon training groups for adults of all ages training for their first marathon. Sarah has now been a full-time personal trainer for the last 2 years and loves coaching and training clients to be the best they can be. She hopes to instill a passion for fitness inside everyone.

“I love giving people the knowledge and skills to be healthy and active for
a lifetime. I have worked with clients of all ages and abilities and I believe my
excitement and love for the gym is contagious.”