• We loved coming to Studio Fitness. It is by far the best gym we have ever joined. They've done really good work to create a special atmosphere that's welcoming to everybody and has all the facilities to get a great work out. It's the gold standard by which we'll measure any gym we join in the future. Please keep doing what you're doing.

  • This gym and its staff go above and beyond to encourage a safe and knowledgeable place for people of all skill sets to improve their health. I see the clients that the training staff take on. Some are extremely obese and may have given up on their health and their bodies for whatever reason. Life is full of trials and unfortunate circumstances and unless you walk in another’s shoes there is no way to know why certain people give up. Life is tough, simply put. BUT, what I see, is a gym that is willing to take on these clients, encourage them to work out in a safe and nonjudgmental place, and get them back to where they are supposed to be. Other gyms are superficial and would not take the time nor risk their image to help these people. While doing the right thing might come naturally to you all, it’s not that way at most gyms. You guys deserve all the praise in the world for the environment you have set up. I know that you will continue to change lives by leading by example. As an outsider, I am motivated and encouraged by the way you have set up your business.


"Studio Fitness is an exercise playground paradise that presents members with an abundance of fitness styles in a fun atmosphere while maintaining a noticeable standard of operational excellence." See more at www.flexintexas.com

"Layn Chess, President of Studio Fitness, talks with Matt Register and Jay W. Curry, Hosts of "Texas Business Radio," about a new training concept called "Facet Seven" which is actually an acronym for Flexibility, Agility, Core, Endurance, Toning, and Strength. This training concept helps people to have a road map to exploring different training modalities to achieve Complete Fitness." Watch the full video at TexasBusinessRadio.com

"The gym itself appears to be a refurbished old garage, and yet it somehow manages to combine the best of both worlds in terms of style - appealing to those who like that grungier gym feel (not me), while at the same time welcoming people who are total snobs and want to work out somewhere pretty (me). In terms of classes the gym offers, Stephanie's HIIT class is an insane bootcamp-style workout, and it's my total jam. I also took Carlton's kettlebell class one morning, and that was a great workout as well!" See more at http://www.adventuresinanewishcity.com/

"Being a parent can be difficult. If you are committed to exercise, finding a gym that also offers child care is important, but not all places are the same. Keep your child happy and safe while you work out..." See more at Houston CBS Local

A review of Urban Movement's MovNat Workshop held at Studio Fitness in the Heights. The Art of Manliness